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Does The Rise of Fintech Reflect The Future of Banking?

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We have previously blogged about the effect of disruptive technologies on the banking industry. As we speak there is an ongoing battle to determine the future of banking as an industry. Today’s news is densely populated with comments about company’s developing mobile payment solutions and alternative methods to borrowing money. Speculation has arisen as to how companies like the tech giant Alibaba might cooperate or even challenge financial institutions. FinTech startups are getting ever increasing funding and support in the UK. With the introduction of new technologies, it would appear as if the race to find the next financial success story has begun. However a question arises: does this highly competitive market reflect the future of banking? Barrancas Read More

Get Your IT Objectives Right

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In previous posts we were looking at inertia in larger organisations and how to achieve your IT objectives. Transitioning to the cloud, despite the benefits, is a daunting concept which must be passed through several stages of approval. We have discussed factors including: the big players’ belief that they have already reached economies of scale, their entrenched IT teams obfuscating the business benefits with technology speak and their fear of losing control of service levels – all as contributing to cloud inertia. What about small and medium-sized businesses? Surely they cannot argue the same?

Clearly, most SMEs cannot afford their own data centres; they don’t have thousands of servers nor big IT support teams. So, one would imagine that the resistance from entrenched internal views and job protection or because of substantial prior investment, would not occur.

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