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Changing Paradigms in Banking – Cloud Computing

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It was interesting to see the announcement that BBVA are moving their mail and office services to the cloud. I have been debating with a number of colleagues from the banking industry the future of the cloud in banking.

In the wider services and financial services world, that is less tightly regulated than the big banks, it is clear that they are already making the journey to cloud based computing. Whether they have made the move to cloud based PaaS services such as Salesforce for CRM, or on Google or similar for document sharing and mail, or on an IaaS service for comprehensive corporate computing.

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The Challenges of Establishing the Financials for a Cloud Project

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photo credit: wwarby via photopin cc

photo credit: wwarby via photopin cc

All the technical cloud evangelists are going to hate me for dwelling on the practical financial matters of establishing a cloud project but I am afraid these issues cannot be ignored. If organisations cannot break the deadlock on the problem of first man in or last man out with an sensible approach to managing allocation of costs, then the organisation will be in danger of missing out this critical technology revolution.

In case you have not read my earlier posts, or in case it was not clear, then let us take a real worked example of the challenges faced by a typical organisation in transition to the cloud. Smaller, more nimble organisations may not face this issue so starkly, but certainly the medium to larger ones will.

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