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From Start-ups to Scale-ups: The Process gap

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As the Financial Service revolution gains traction, FinTech start-ups can soon expect a period of rapid growth.
Scaling up however, is no piece of cake. Technical challenges aside, a company’s processes should also be re-assessed for compatibility with any additional operational capacity. Unsurprisingly, process problems – or gaps – are a common sight in young businesses trying to expand in scale or scope, regardless of which field they operate in. http://siftstar.com/2004/12 Read More

Implement a Robust Change Management Process

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Change management is a loaded term. Too often, it’s viewed as interchangeable with project management activities, such as training and communication. Sometimes it gets a somewhat superfluous reputation because it draws on the “people side of things” rather than more measurable and technical aspects of change. Other times, it gets confused with IT change management – or version control. Encruzilhada do Sul Read More

When To Fix The Process, Not The Break

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There are many ways to deal with ineffective and inefficient process. You can create workarounds. You can bubble-wrap it with additional processes as a form of assurance. You can always do nothing, especially if you don’t care enough about the results at stake. And sometimes – if you are serious about long-term value of the process – you can fix the root cause itself.

cibsys has recently conducted a process efficiency review for one of our clients. Within that assessment, weidentifiedactivities in the operational process that were a form of assurance rather than value-adding activities. Effort-intensive manual intervention was used to assure that system errors were caught before appearing to customers. Such manual intervention, of course, did not address the root cause of the problem. Neither did it guarantee timely and appropriate fixes. how to order Pregabalin online Read More

5 Steps to Embedding Operational Documentation in the DNA of Your Organisation

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So you are embarking on an operational documentation review. The reasons can vary: an upcoming audit, a standardization mandate from above, or more efficient knowledge transfer. No matter what the case, the task doesn’t exactly scream “sexy” but it needs to be done and it needs to bring solid results. beamily Read More

Top-Down or Bottom-Up?

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Those who know me would probably say I am a top-down decision man. In many ways this is true, but anyone who has run strategy decision projects or programmes will concur that any top-down decision is only as good as its bottom-up validation. Getting this balance right is critical to the strategic processes in organisations. We all know of strategies and programmes that have failed because the top-down decision was never validated, and the initial feel was way too optimistic. We all know of decision making processes that have been stymied because the fact collection process has become endlessly drawn out, meaning that decisions never get made. So, how do you achieve the correct balance?

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