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Procrastination is Not a Strategy

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I was avoiding writing my next blog post, by doing anything except concentrating on the job in hand when I came across this interesting article on the BBC website. So, what has that got to do with strategy decisions and implementation? In this case, I guess it comes back to pro-actively setting aside time to focus on doing what, at times, can feel like an extra task that no one needs. As I have discussed previously, your business can drift without a strategy for a while. In the short term, it will probably be fine just to patch up the holes and fire-fight any major issues.Deep down though, you know as well as I do, that time and tide waits for no man (or woman for that matter), and that something will eventually have to be done about the ancient servers, the underused data centre and the ancient operating systems on the employees’ desktops.  

The Cost Allocation Challenge

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Following on from my last post about getting funding for your strategy, I am going to explore one of the big barriers to approval that you can face.

Strategy plans will often involve some kind of consolidation process; whether it be centralising a common service, or realigning architecture processes. This can often run into what I call the allocation conundrum. Typically, different areas in a business, whether departments or locations, will receive a cost allocation for the IT services they consume.  In terms of technologies and their champions, winners and losers will emerge from every consolidation programme; there will always be risk-takers and risk-adverse parties in any organisation. Where the challenge comes, is in handling the costs. The last remaining customer cannot be expected to carry the cost allocation of the whole service.

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