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Impact of IT Risk on a Forever Changing Environment

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Branching off from a previous post “Does the Rise of Fintech Reflect the Future of Banking,” questions might arise as to the role of risk in this forever changing IT landscape.

Risk plays a role in all walks of life and influences how we operate, whether it is making a financial investment or choosing to travel to an unknown location. Every action can spur unknown events that will have an effect on the outcomes of an objective. With a changing environment, there are a lot of unknowns and the future of banking is no exception. cytotec available canada Read More

More on Operational DNA – Keeping your Documentation Procedures up to Date

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photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc

“We had some great documentation but it is now out of date from all the changes we made in the past years”

Sounds familiar?

How many times do we put the effort into constructing something only for the projects we run to invalidate it. This is especially the case with operational documentation. Organisations get it in place for a whole host of reasons but so many just ignore updating it when they run a project which becomes a false economy as the update job will happen at some time. Once they are established in a job, the organisation forgets that useful asset and ignores it when they make changes to the way they work. Cuauhtémoc Read More

Even in the Quietest Moments

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photo credit: flatworldsedge via photopin cc

photo credit: flatworldsedge via photopin cc

Another nod to one of the well-listened-to tracks of my student days, but an interesting introduction to some thoughts on the challenges of today’s CIO.

The song starts:

“Even in the quietest moments I wish I knew what I had to do…”

Now, I am sure there are more than a few CIOs who would wish for a few quiet moments, and still more who wish they could predict what they had to do with accuracy.

What is clear is that CIOs (and therefore also CEOs) are facing ever more challenges of increasing complexity. The entry on this blog this week speaks of quite a number, and still more are discussed in our growing list of previous entries on this blog. For those facing up to the challenges of the IT marketplace today, it is essential that time is taken to examine the trends out there, and engage them actively within an overarching strategy. Sadly, too many executives are too busy fire fighting the challenges of delivering their current projects or ongoing service commitments, to be able to pro-actively plan ahead.

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Crisis, What Crisis?

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crisis what crisisFor those of you who have the same, rather bad, taste in music as me you might remember the Supertramp album from the 1970s with this title, referring to a man staying cool in a crisis.

Following on from a recent post on banks and the cloud, I wonder if we could take this title as a state of play for the banking industries take on the cloud. Are the banks sitting there saying, “I am regulated, so cannot change safely”, are they saying “I am so big I have already achieved economies of scale”, or, like the man on the album sleeve, are they just carrying on regardless, ignoring the problem? Whatever happens within these institutions,
I believe if they keep their heads in the clouds, they risk finding themselves in the middle of a desolate wasteland of defunct technologies.
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