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Tag business objectives

12 Steps to an Effective IT Strategy

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photo credit: marfis75 via photopin cc

photo credit: marfis75 via photopin cc

There is no magic formula for creating an effective IT strategy, and the process can sometimes be long and seemingly never-ending without solid and experienced advice. There are a number of over-arching guiding steps and processes that can be applied to create one for a firm.  Working as and with consultants for many years I have managed to refine the key principles into 12 steps that provide method, focus and structure to delivering an effective strategy. Using this experience we have been able to create a template for IT strategy and use it in real world case studies to deliver effective decisions on strategy.

Our sister blog at http://www.strategy4it.com/blog/ boasts three articles about this twelve step process. I hope to impart useful information in these posts with regards to IT Strategy, and if you have any feedback or comments we always appreciate it at cibsys and Strategy4it.

A New Version of Strategy4IT is Available

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Cost Heat map Strategy4ITAs we welcome in 2013 we are pleased to announce that a new version of our IT strategy tool Strategy4IT is available, following its success in 2012. 

The new release comprises several new features:

  1.  See the benefit of our  http://frescohealth.com/product/fresco-air-purifier/ cost heatmaps, which show you clearly on one page where your biggest expenditure lies in simple colour coding.
  2.  Explore our rich user manual, assisting users through every step of the process.
  3. Improved workflow allowing easy navigation through the reporting process
  4. Bus fixes and improvements as suggested by our users

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Aligning Business and IT Strategy

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photo credit: anneh632 via photopin cc

Recent surveys suggest that business strategy and success is increasingly being underpinned by a successful IT strategy.  I have suggested many times on this blog ways and means to achieve an effective understanding of an IT strategy and landscape, but how do you assure your IT strategy is aligned to your business strategy?

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Aligning Your IT Strategic Decisions to Business Objectives

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photo credit: angeloangelo via photopin cc

photo credit: angeloangelo via photopin cc

Watching the outsourcing decision of some organisations, I sometimes wonder if they really understand what really adds value to their business. Stepping back and looking at them from the outside, I doubt they can genuinely justify their choices for the target of their cost saving exercises.

Which one of these adds more value to the business: a major development project to implement a CRM system to generate more revenue, or keeping the day-to-day running of the racks of servers in the machine room? Time and again I watch, as the supposedly easy and risk free outsourcing targets are chosen, especially the value-adding development projects, whereas the question of real “day to day” IT is avoided because it is seen as too risky or too difficult to change. Ask yourself, is this really the case?

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