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Tag analogies

Procrastination is Not a Strategy

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I was avoiding writing my next blog post, by doing anything except concentrating on the job in hand when I came across this interesting article on the BBC website. So, what has that got to do with strategy decisions and implementation? In this case, I guess it comes back to pro-actively setting aside time to focus on doing what, at times, can feel like an extra task that no one needs. As I have discussed previously, your business can drift without a strategy for a while. In the short term, it will probably be fine just to patch up the holes and fire-fight any major issues.Deep down though, you know as well as I do, that time and tide waits for no man (or woman for that matter), and that something will eventually have to be done about the ancient servers, the underused data centre and the ancient operating systems on the employees’ desktops.  

How Do Your Systems Bricks Align?

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photo credit: davidhc via photopin cc

oftener photo credit: davidhc via photopin cc

Here we go with another organisational analogy, this time, visualising your organisation as being a house made of LEGO.

Typically, there should be large rectangular bricks underlying the business structure as a foundation. The finance systems for example, the payroll, and even the IT infrastructure services, can be visualised as long oblong bricks at the bottom of the value chain, the structure upon which the rest is built. However, it is amazing how often this structure is full of gaps, holes and misalignments. These problems lie in various sections of the business, whether specific locations, parts of the process, or product areas. Naturally, without a solid underpinning foundation, the business will have issues. Like a child building a LEGO house without looking at the instructions, the result may be rather shaky if not collapse entirely. Do you know whether or not your business structure has a solid foundation?

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