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Case Studies

The proven methods implemented in  Strategy4IT have been used within many companies to decide on investments to simplify their IT and optimize their spend.
Here are just a few examples :

Case Study 1 – UK Services Group

A mid sized UK services group had recently been created by merging three smaller companies into a single entity.  After the merger the firm was struggling to realise their expected revenue targets – there had been high expectation of cross selling potential from standardising their CRM platform and selling to the joint customer base.  By examining a complexity and cost map from the Strategy4IT method the company was able to see that the expected revenues were failing because of a lack of standardisation in the back end applications supporting the business.  The maps showed that multiple booking engines across their products with key data in multiple places was not only preventing the staff effectively supporting customer leads but also driving up cost.  By laying out the landscape on easy to understand charts the CEO was able to understand the causes and quickly implemented a programme to rationalise the key areas resulting in substantial savings and an uplift in revenue.

Case Study 2 – Global Publishing Firm

Strategy4IT was used by a global publishing house to justify investment to reationalise their IT infrastructure.  The CIO already knew that multiple versions of desktop software were driving up support costs and making application rollout complicated.  Using the Strategy4IT method and reports she was able to justify changes to standardise the versions of software used, remove unnecessary installations and reduce costs.  User experience improved with the standardisation too bringing a positive response from the business.  An added bonus was that the Strategy4IT reports also highlighted areas where backup and security could be improved which further justified the time invested in the IT assessment.

Case Study 3 – European Financial Services

Strategy4IT can also be very effective in larger organisations.  The methods were applied to systems landscape supporting the risk function in a major European bank.  The Chief Risk Officer had major concerns on the cost of change within the organisation, with ever more regulatory pressures he needed to respond quicker and cheaper to the external pressures.  Using Strategy4IT he was able to see the complex web of more than 80 systems involved in producing the risk results, understand the best places to consolidate his platforms, and thereby speed up time to market.