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As organisations grow, they require ever more systems and services just to function. Because most businesses grow organically, and may acquire other companies along the way, they will often end up with a jumble of systems that are all maintained separately.

Using Strategy4IT you will be able to visualise the current level of complexity within your organisation. This tool allows you to map the systems used by different departments and products, in order to understand where simplifications and cost savings could be made.

Strategy4IT is designed to reduce the need for expensive consultancy services, by providing a do-it-yourself strategy tool that will teach you how to analyse your organisation’s IT landscape, and plan for future development.

This site gives you access to the initial assessment phase of this product. The output of this stage are systems diagrams breaking your business down by business process and product. In the next release additional you will be able to add location and legal entity, and produce Systems Maps for these factors.

Once you have completed the various Systems Maps, you can begin to see where inefficiencies lie within your organisation. Analysing these is the first step on your journey towards producing a comprehensive IT strategy.