Business Process and Documentation Reviews

Business Process and Documentation Reviews

Bullet proof your business processes

We specialise in business process and documentation reviews. Using our proven implementation review approach and project management expertise, we successfully test against standard methodologies such as Lean, CSI, ITIL and PRINCE2 to embed industry best practices into your operational processes. We help our clients in three distinct stages:

Client Success > Right first time rate increased by 20%

Assess. We start our review by assessing your business drivers and objectives. We then look at how your business objectives are hindered by process inefficiencies. We identify process bottlenecks and assess the quality of your documentation. We determine whether your process is fit for purpose and your documentation is fit for use. We then help you set a target state for process changes. Even if you are completely green field when it comes to process and service targets, measures and documentation, we put a structure in place to ensure higher process  value.

Client Success > Documentation levels raised by 95%

Advance. We have experts who can deliver your action plan to meet your objectives. We help you improve efficiency of your processes by using our project management expertise and engaging the right stakeholders.

We will get documentation up-to-date, ensuring that it reflects the way things are done in the business. We don’t just review your business processes in isolation; we take the macro-view as well. We look for opportunities to improve efficiency, add linkages between processes, optimising the way your business runs on a daily basis and improving visibility into problem areas.

Client Success > Improved SLA performance by 45%

Assure. Our experts will help you deliver and assure continuous improvement of your processes and documentation. We can help you set service targets to assure your processes support the services required by your business. We also help implement KPIs to measure and ensure future improvements. Our approach can also help you implement a lifecycle process to streamline documentation maintenance and change management.

We are solution-independent: We are in constant training to grow our expertise in business documentation tools. No matter what solution your organisation uses, we apply our knowledge of the market and business process modeling best practices to pave your way to success.

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Are you…

• Seeking to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business processes?
• Looking to conduct a business process and documentation review for investors, partners, or compliance?
• Aiming to accelerate your business’s organic growth?
• Affected by the fact that your documentation is out-of-date, hard to use, or just not there?


Our clients engage us to alleviate the following problem areas:

• Over- and under-engineered business processes
• Lack of process efficiency and integration
• Documentation maintenance nightmares
• No measurements to gauge business process effectiveness




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