Ideas to get your business on target

Ideas to get your business on target

5 Questions to Ask Your CIO as Non-Executive Director

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photo credit: jamuraa via photopin cc

photo credit: jamuraa via photopin cc

Chris Ham, Managing Director of cibsys, has spoken in cooperation with John Holland at the Eleven Canterbury event ’New Technology Trends – Risks and Opportunities for Non-Executive Directors and Boards on the 20th of January at the Institute of Directors. Often Non-Executive Directors find themselves in the position to ask critical questions about unfamiliar topics and this event aimed to equip them with the necessary tools and a critical set of questions to be able to stand up to seasoned IT executives.

In the following, we have picked five interesting questions which you can use to “penetration test” your CIO with. For your convenience, we have added related blog articles below the questions.



Upgrade Cycles:

1.Is there a policy to keep external software versions up to date with latest /penultimate versions of software? Are these covered by current support contracts and licenses?

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It


2. Do you have a full multi-year plan for the IT costs and investments linked to an agreed IT strategy aligned to business objectives?

Aligning Business and IT Strategy

Budget Season – The Same Procedure as Every Year?

The Cost Allocation Challenge

New Technology:

3. Is someone in the organisation tasked with, and actively reviewing the IT market place for trends and opportunities? Does the technology plan support (or hinder!) the business plan?

4. What is the ratio of Change the Company vs Run the Company spend in the Technology budget?

Disruptive Technologies and Business Models in the Banking Sector

Operational Risk:

5. Are escalation paths clear when issues pass critical times to fix or critical scale thresholds? Are the processes known and understood?

Operational Risk and BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

IT Risk in the Financial Sector – DDoS Attacks

Disasters Don’t Always Happen In One Hit – Are You Prepared For Escalation?

The date for the next course will be announce shortly. Please get in touch with Chris Ham if you would like to be informed about future events or  share your feedback for these questions.

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